8 Really BAD Workout Tips

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EVERYWHERE you look, it’s good tips this, great strategies here, and awesome ways galore…how about some BAD tips every now and then. We need more negative spinning for positive results, right?

If you want the worst of the worst you are in the wrong place…I mean the right place, you are in the right place.

If you ask 8 trainers this question: “What’s the WORST workout tip you’d ever heard?” You are going to get 8 answers and if the trainer is any good, you’re going to get the 8 answers below.

Really Bad Workout Tip #1: Isolate Your Muscle Groups

Did you know that Mondays are known as “Universal Chest Days” in the big box gym circles? The concept of splitting up body parts is ancient and unless you want to work out for a living, performing full-body workouts is in your best interest.

Total body (metabolic) workouts are efficient and effective. You not only get to spend less time working out and reaping the rewards of your training, you also reduce the overall stress on the body, increasing fat-burning hormones and decreasing fat-storing hormones.

Our muscles were meant to work in synergy, meaning you will achieve the best results by doing more total body movements. Unless, you are into bodybuilding, body sculpting, etc…you can safely and without a doubt avoid isolating your muscles for the most part.

Really Bad Workout Tip #2: Achieve Muscle Fatigue Every Workout

You know the old saying: “No Pain, No Gain?” Well IGNORE that saying from now until forever…kinda. Sure, you do want to feel your muscles burn, that means they are doing what they are supposed to do…WORK.

But, you don’t want to completely fatigue your muscles, especially the same ones every time you break a sweat. Your muscles need time to recovery in between strength training sessions, even if you do medium weight total body workouts, like I recommend.

Plus, if you try and push too hard everytime, you are asking for overuse injuries, poor form, poor posture, and poor performance.

Poor exercise = poor results

Really Bad Workout Tip #3: Do THIS type of workout for ELONGATED Muscles

The length of your muscles will never change, so there is technically NO exercise or type of exercise that makes your muscles longer.

Metabolic resistance training can actually create long, sexy, lean muscles, because underneath your skin and fat are long, lean muscles. Sure, some of you have bigger muscles, different genetics, and other factors that cause varying muscle size, but ultimately your muscles aren’t much different than the next gal.

Next time someone says you should do Pilates and Yoga for longer muscles, ignore them. Do them because you like to and you like the way they make your body feel.

Use MRT workouts to create long, lean, and sexy muscles.

Really Bad Workout Tip #4: Machine Workouts are Best for Beginners

The next time you’re in your gym, take a look around and count the number of strength training machines you see. I’m willing to bet it’s an extraordinarily high number.

Because the gym is intimidating AND the first thing you see when you walk in is a semi-crowded free weight section with muscle-bound bro-dudes lifting their shirts to “wipe sweat off their foreheads” and by that I mean looking at their six-packs in the mirror..

It’s easy to think the machines are the way to go about losing weight and resistance training, and it’s even EASIER after you justify avoiding the creepy dude, intimidating free weight section.

However, the machines are generally far less effective.

The problem with machines is that they have a limited range of motion, isolate the wrong muscle groups, and don’t trigger the same “supporting” muscle groups response that make some exercises most useful.

A good rule of thumb to remember why NOT to use machines, is the idea that ideally you should be working your MOVEMENTS, not necessarily muscles.

By sticking to the right bodyweight, dumbbell, and bodybar/barbell  exercises you will maximize your results and time.

Really Bad Workout Tip #5: Don’t’ Eat Before Exercising

Proper nutrition before (and after) workouts can significantly improve your performance, blood sugar, and hormonal profiles.

Many women complain of fatigue or nausuea during workouts. Aside from being newbie to resistance training, the culprit is usually nutrition related.

Either you ate something that required a lot of digestive power (AKA, eating the wrong thing) or you didn’t eat anything at all (your poor poor muscular energy…)

My favorite food to recommend for pre-workout (0-60 minutes before exercise) are berries and water. During workouts I suggest coconut water.

For the most part, the WORST thing you can do is workout on an empty stomach…always have berries or coconut water ready, so you NEVER have the excuses of tiredness during your workout (unless you stayed up all night with a newborn…then not even the most organic of berries will help you!)

Really Bad Workout Tip #6: Lift Light Weights for Fat Loss

Lifting light weights is OK, as long as you go to failure (and your not killing yourself with cardio in between), BUT it’s much more efficient and intuitive to lift slightly heavier weights to build lean muscle, THEN wait patiently for your muscle to burn off your extra fat.

Myth: Lifting heavy weights will make you bulky.

You just don’t have the testosterone levels for that to happen. Period.

Shoot for 8-15 rep weights, where your last 3 or 4 reps are BURNING your muscles.

You can simulate lifting heavy weights with your bodyweight, BUT you have to know what you are doing AND you have to be smart about it.

The more ideal thing to do is…both. Grab a pair of dumbbells, mix a few dumbbells exercises with bodyweight exercises you’ll achieve amazing results.

Really Bad Workout Tip #7: Cardio Training is Best for Fat Loss

If the thought of driving to the gym to run on a treadmill or elliptical on an elliptical (I’m still not sure what you call what you do on the elliptical…gliding? Striding?) sounds appealing to you, well by all means GET AFTER THAT. More power to ya…

But to me it sounds and IS miserable. So, more power to ME and you  after you finish reading this.

Good thing strength training produces a far better fat loss effect than long bouts of cardio. Long bouts of cardio WILL increase your chances of going into catabolism (breaking down of muscles) because of the constant elevation of cortisol.

Strength training on the other hand increases your growth hormone release, WHICH believe it or not, for women is ideal.

Skip the treadmill and hit the free weights…again!

Really Bad Workout Tip #8: One Plan will ALWAYS Work for EVERY Woman

The fact of the matter is, we are all unique, women especially. Biochemically, psychologically, and all of the other –ally’s YOU are different from the women next to you at the gym or boot camp.

Sure, some programs are superior to others (like my program…shameless plug…I know), but SOMETIMES it happens even with perfect compliance a woman doesn’t see results fast enough.

You may need an aggressive approach to your eating or exercise program to kickstart your metabolism, but the fact remains SOMETIMES even the BEST program doesn’t work for everyone.

The ONLY way you can be sure about any program is to actually try it…do it…work the plan…track your results and fine-tune.

So, you can call up your mom or grandma and say “THANK YOU, I am SPECIAL and UNIQUE.”

If you want a bad workout, make sure to incorporate every single one of those tips into your program. You could probably fit them all into one 40-minute workout session, if you REALLY tried.

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