7 Simple Hormone Hacks For Women


As a woman, you should always be thinking about your hormones. Every day you should be arming yourself with more tools, tips, and hacks that will help you lose more weight, stay healthy, and fight off aging.

Think about it. You’ve got constant messages about how you should look, what you should eat, how to exercise, and what diet to do start next. And the reason you think or even act on some of these messages and programs, is because your hormones are out of whack!

Remember your hormones decide whether you burn fat or store fat. In this article I’m going to share some simple hacks with you that make sense.

The problem most women face is a slow metabolism. You get stuck in a vicious cycle of weight gain and get in a downward spiral of yo-yo dieting, undereating, overeating, and other not so ideal behaviors.

In order to be truly healthy you have to be consistently improve the health of your body and hormonal health. When you find yourself in a slump, lack of motivation, feeling frustrated, and lack of confidence you need to switch things up. I’ve got a few cheat codes for the hormone game. Yep, sometimes is OK to cheat to get ahead.

Women should always strive to become the healthiest version of themselves and arm themselves with new ways to get healthy, lost weight, and feel more confident. Now, I’ll share with you 7 simple yet powerful hormone hacks for women.

Change your morning routine

If something isn’t working, you need to chance things up and that starts by starting your day setting yourself for success. Most women get up in the morning and don’t even consider doing a 10-minute morning kick-start workout, even if it’s just a few squats, running in place, and push-ups. You can lubricate your joints, oxygenate your blood and cells, and better yet, boost your metabolic rate to burn calories all day long. If you want different results, you need to do take different actions.

Stand up every hour

Believe it or not, your posture can be a hormone-killer. Sitting at your desk all day can have deadly effects on your hormones, metabolism, and body. Lack of oxygen, poor breathing, tight hip flexors, psoas, and an achy body are all negative effects of excess sitting and/or inactivity. Set an alarm on your phone for every hour to stand up from your desk for a few minutes to take a few deep breaths, bring your shoulders back and down and look up to the sky to relax your neck and breathing muscles. Balancing your hormones is much more than food and exercise!

Eat more fat

Healthy fats can balance your sex hormones and DHEA. Fats like grass-fed butter can also prevent heart disease and cancer. Monounsaturated fatty acids can help lower bad cholesterol and promote the balance of your progesterone to estrogen ratio. Saturated fats are the healthiest fats on the planet as they are the most stable, promoting a healthy liver (cleansing toxins), strong cells (slowing aging), and an efficient metabolism (healthy thyroid). All vital components to balancing your hormones.

Get to bed 30 minutes earlier

You need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night to get a hormonally healthy body. A lack of sleep may disrupt your hormones that control your weight. I you don’t’ get enough sleep, your production of growth hormone, the hormone that keeps you young and fit, shuts down. You can also impait the production of leptin, the hormone that controls hunger. Getting enough sleep is the cheapest hormone hack I can give you for losing weight and getting healthy.

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Relax for 10 minutes

Are you juggling work, raising kids, and managing a home? This can leave you stressed and stress can kill any chance of balancing your hormones. During moments of tension, the brain stimulates ghrelin, in an attempt to calm your nerves. Unfortunately, this hormone also makes you hungry. Whenever you feel stress kicking in, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “I can handle this.” Stress lowers your important hormone, progesterone, which is the building block for other fat-burning hormones. Find a few ways to relax for 10 minutes like taking a bath, sitting in a quiet place imagining yourself in a tropical paradise, or just listening to your favorite calming music.

Limit your alcohol intake

Habitual drinking raises your insulin level and shuts down your sex hormones. Alcohol also makes you age faster, since it promotes the acceleration of free radicals attacking your cells. Consuming alcohol every day, even if it’s just 1 glass of wine can have serious effects on your hormones and metabolism. Alcohol clogs up your liver, slowing down your thyroid and interrupting production of fat-burning hormones. Alcohol CAN be a part of healthy hormonal lifestyle, but you want to make sure you understand the consequences and what actions to take to reduce the negative effects it has on your body.

Eat these 10 hormone-balancing foods

You can’t achieve a healthy fat-burning and balanced hormones if you continue with your current (or past) eating habits. Sugar, vegetable oils, chemicals, junk food, and processed fake foods will damage your hormones, cause cravings, and slow down your metabolism.  It is important to eat whole foods in order to support a healthy metabolism. Eating these “perfect” foods will hack your fat and balance your hormones: eggs, wild-caught shrimp, grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, carrots, oranges, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and papaya.

I could literally go on all day long with simple, yet powerful hacks like these. You can spend thousands of hours learning how to balance your hormones and outsmart your fat cells or can learn them in a few hours from me. I share these tips and much more in The Flat Belly System for women like you. I teach you exactly what to eat, how to exercise, and guide you every step of the way to a healthy hormonal body.

The Flat Belly System is open to ALL women. If you have a body that’s been through the diet and weight loss/weight gain ringer and you’ve been frustrated by lack of results this program is for you. It’s for action-taking women that want to lose serious body fat. It’s NOT for women who think they can’t achieve the body of their dreams, it’s only if you really FEEL you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Because you can with The Flat Belly System.

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