5 Reasons Your Workout Sucks

5 Reasons Your Workout Sucks

FYI: This is a no beat around the bush type of article…

Nature, your body, all of existence WANTS you to exercise, move, and have a healthy body. It makes sense to have a body that functions optimally. Why would we have joints, tendons, muscles, bones, ALL working together to move our body beautifully, rhythmically, instinctually…

Why would we want to go against nature? Is nature a treadmill, a cable machine, a body bar class? Nature is movement, movement that challenges your body and mind.

The Gizmo and Gadget Workout World

Gizmos and gadgets are designed to play on your desire to be skinny, NOT designed the way our bodies were intended to move and function.

Having fun and fancy equipment is fun, but ultimately all you really need is your body, weights, and a some desire to sweat!

There are many reasons why certain exercise programs are better for you than others, the biggest one being WE are ALL individualized, inside and out, so cookie-cutter approaches just don’t work!

Shameless plug ->Fit Women For Life programs are designed ONLY for women understands nature and what it takes to progress from a movement and exercise standpoint.

Here are the 5 top reasons your workout may not be producing results:

1.) Machines O’ Death

When I say “machines” I mean ALL machines, mainly in the gym setting. Treadmills, cable machines, seated, stationary, etc…Machines are designed to be efficient, to always move in the same direction, without fail, without exception. That’s all fine and dandy if you are building a car that never says yes and never says no, it’s reliable, efficient.

YOU are NOT a car, you are dynamic always needing to move in different directions, without fail, without exception, if not then you become injured.

Use the body you have to create movements designed to be efficient in your spontaneous way. Machines generally focus on one plane of movement, we move in multiple planes of movement. More planes of movement mean MORE fat loss, calories burned, muscles used!

2.) Isolation Annihilation

Isolation exercises are for bodybuilders. These types of exercises focus on one muscle group at a time, which is great IF you have hours a day to train, workout, and kiss your biceps all day. How many times have YOU kissed your bicep today? Get on it!One muscle group at a time is similar to cooking one grain of rice at a time, it would take you ALL week to cook a serving of rice, ehh? Do you think your ancestors lifted water buckets over there head consciously focusing on engaging their triceps for 10 reps?

Workout multiple muscles every exercise, focusing on your body, and its natural flow!

3.) Form is not a FORMality

Form is overlooked in MOST exercise programs. I mentioned above to focus on your bodies’ natural flow, which is true. However, if we have been exercising improperly or without proper guidance and instruction then our bodies are OUT of natural rhythm and flow.

In this case, form becomes very important to reestablish the flow. Don’t ya just LOVE that word, FLOW! Go with the flow…

Engaging your inner unit, or core is the best way to start the process of improving your form! If you are in a class that doesn’t have someone around commanding you to change your form, then the only formality is to LEAVE that class.

Don’t set your body up for disaster, flow with proper form!

4.) Water Cooler Intensity

Although I am not a fan of the “get you tired” exercise classes, I do understand that you must workout at a high intensity in order to get everything out of your workout. This doesn’t mean working out to fatigue every time you strap on the workout shoes.

If you barely break a sweat, go 15 degrees down on your squats, and bend your elbows for a split second on a push-up then you are going to be unhappy with your slow progress. If you are happy with slow progress, continue to do the above things.

Go to the gym and watch the water fountains and coolers, those are people that do a set of isolated bicep curls on a machine with hunched shoulders and then go hang out by the water coolers waiting to chat with an unsuspecting FIT woman!

Beware of the water-cooler vampires!

5.) Cortisol-Filled Cardio

Cortisol is a hormone that wreaks havoc on your fat loss results. It is a STRESS hormone that keeps coming back with ANY stress on your body, emotional, physical, mental, etc…Too much cortisol floating around in the body is the LAST thing you want to create.

Long bouts of cardio cause excess cortisol. Add long days at work, family drama, crappy eating, and lack of muscle tone you are doing your body a DISSERVICE exercising. Believe it, I see it ALL the time.

Go to the gym, after you escape the water-cooler vampire and check out the treadmills with the woman who runs 10 miles a day, but STILL has a belly. That my friends, is a cortisol induced mid-section.

Lifting weights, using your bodyweight, and other resistance training prevents too much cortisol based exercise.

So what now?

If you are “guilty” of the any (or all) of the above, reevaluate your progress and current workout routine. It’s that simple, if what you are doing isn’t working, try something else.

fresh, after all you can’t do anything about the past, other than begin fresh today!

Post any questions you may have in the comment section and I’ll be sure to get to them!

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