45 second routine flattens belly (no crunches or cardio!)…

I’ve got a great treat for you today  it’s my #1 exercise for getting a flat belly.

Yes, you CAN actually target belly fat with exercise despite what most exercise “professionals” claim.

And thankfully it does NOT involve doing a thousand crunches or hours of boring cardio.

Sure, crunches are great for building core strength. But if you still have the same amount of fat pushing your belly out, that extra muscle just pushes your belly out FARTHER.

It’s like putting a sweater on underneath a coat. NOT a good look.

And cardio? Well, hours of cardio just wears your body down, makes you look older and makes you ravenously hungry. So you end up packing more fat onto a worse looking body over time!

But there’s a specific type of movement that takes only 45 seconds that can trim fat all over your body, particularly your belly.

Studies show that this special type of movement specifically attacks not only that ugly fat you can pinch on the surface of your belly, but also the dangerous fat that’s buried deep inside, called visceral fat.

In fact, a study in the Journal of Endocrinology showed this type of movement trimmed 18% of that surface belly fat while torching 44% of the deep and dangerous belly fat.

Another study in Diabetes Care showed this type of movement also removed 18% of surface belly fat and 48% of that deep, dangerous kind. So this is no fluke.

This next page explains exactly what this special type of belly-flattening movement is:

==> #1 belly flattening exercise…

If you’re looking for a flat belly and trim waistline, stop wasting your time with crunches and cardio and start doing these 45-second movements instead.


PS. Studies show this movement works particularly well for those who are older, more out of shape and more overweight. It’s also been shown to help improve insulin sensitivity, blood sugar levels and strengthen heart and lungs – so an all-around winner. Here’s how it works

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