4 Simple Keys for Weight Loss

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Imagine this scenario: You polish off your sneakers and clean your spatula (from your super healthy breakfast) and hit your workout, with the intention of going to the farmers market afterwards.

Next thing you know, 3 weeks later, you’re pants are fitting a little loose, your skin looks more vibrant, you aren’t tired anymore, and the scale says you are 8 pounds lighter!

You take an innocent full-body photo (selfie?), put it on Facebook after your mid-afternoon snack of Kerrygold grass-fed cheese and an organic mango. You read a chapter of your favorite book and an hour later, check your Facebook only to find out that you have 20 likes and 8 “OMG Girl you look amazing” or “HAWT Mama.”

You check your profile to make sure it is really YOUR photo and after confirmation you realize…Something is working!

You and your rocking body have gone viral…

It’s an amazing feeling when it happens.

And it can happen to YOU!

How? Follow the 4 Simple Steps to Weight Loss, of course!

The 4 Simple Keys for Weight Loss as I have observed are:

1.)    Elimination of highly inflammatory foods, ideally specific to the individual desiring/needing to lose weight.

Foods that are GENERALLY not ideal for healthy physiology and a strong metabolism.

2.)    Addition of highly non-inflammatory, supportive foods, ideally specific to the individual desiring/needing to lose weight.

Foods that are GENERALLY ideal for healthy physiology and a strong metabolism.

3.)    Calorie deficit.

You have to be in some sort of energy deficit to lose weight. (i.e do #1 and #2 and EXERCISE, preferably metabolic strength training).

4.)     Be Aware, Be Consistent, Always be Fine-Tuning, and Control your Stress.

You just need to work out and eat the right way for you and your current state of health and fat loss.

Think of it this way, working out can either have a negative or positive effect on your fat loss results. And most of that depends on what exactly you are putting into your body.

If you aren’t eating high quality foods that are naturally designed to ramp up your metabolism, you are literally wasting your time at the gym.

Think about it.

You are marketed supplements that promise quick weight loss, exercise programs that will lean and tone your body in weeks, etc…etc…

They all want you to believe it’s sooooo easy to look awesome. It’s not easy by any means, especially in the beginning, but you can have/should have strategies to ensure your success, no matter hard it gets.

Now think about food as information and fuel that runs your fat burning mechanisms.

And think of your workout as the catalyst for those changes.

The better the fuel the faster the fat comes off. The better the workout the faster the fat comes off.

In order for the excess fat to magically disappear you need to “magically” change your eating habits, behaviors, and workouts.



I’m going to the simplify the 4 easy steps even further:

Eliminate the bad.

Add the good.


Chill out.

Your job is to research and educate yourself on real foods, fake foods, and everything in between.

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Let me know, what keeps you from keeping weight loss simple?

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