4 Keys to a Fat-Burning Breakfast

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The days of a simple, good-quality breakfast may seem over with fast-food breakfast and cereal consumption at all time high, but I’m going to show you how to get your breakfast healthified groove back.

The breakfast world has gone MAD! All the crap-ola that is served for breakfast is overwhelming, I mean how many flavors of bacon are there now? It smells like a honey, porky, maple, meaty disaster! Let’s forget about all the fanci-wancy breakfast items, these include anything in the frozen section and most items in the cereal section.greeneggsandha,

The cereal section is one of the worst at the grocery store. Nowadays, cereals are loaded with GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, wheat, dyes and colors, additives and preservatives. You essentially have to destroy your health or the health of your child to get a toy!

The best thing you can do for your health in regards to your breakfast if to be aware of what you are eating for breakfast. Simple! The night before take 2-3 minutes to THINK about what you are going to enjoy the next morning. Separate yourself from the masses and be proactive about your day.

I guarantee if you think and are conscious about your breakfast you will begin creating the healthy habit of being aware of all of your food choices.

Alright so let’s KISS (Keep it Simple Sillies):

1.) EAT. How simple is this starters? Eat something, (almost) anything! (I’ll give ya some ideas in a bit). I must admit sometimes it’s better to eat nothing, than to eat bagels, donuts, most breakfast tacos, and drinks. But since you are woman of ACTION, you planned to make a healthy, “I wanna feel and look good” choice.

You are about making things happen, making your muffin top begone and that all starts with actually fueling up!

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2.) Protein + Fat + Carbs = BOOM BREAKFAST. Having a little sumtin, sumtin from each major food group separates yourself from the masses eating the above mentioned crap-ola!

How does this sound: 3 eggs cooked in coconut oil, with a side of rice-bread with a dab of honey? Now that’s a BOOM breakfast. Most simple breakfast meals take between 5-12 minutes and if you prepare the weekend or night before you can cut that time in half.


A Fit Women for Life Breakfast might look a little something like this:

– 2 cage-free organic eggs (protein) cooked in coconut oil (good fat)

– 1 small potato sautéed in coconut oil or grass-fed butter

– 1 mango (carbs)

– 1 cup of organic coffee with 1 Tbsp. raw honey and 1/4 cup of grass-fed milk or coconut milk

3.) Coffee GOOD, Creamer BAD. Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee. Give me the bean juice! In fact, I may have had too much coffee before writing this blog post. WOO-HOO! Hang on while I do a few push-ups.

Ok I’m back…

Organic coffee is really great for the body, (antioxidants/metabolism booster). BUT, adding crap-ola creamers doesn’t separate you from the coffee fiends out there. What are acceptable creamers, you ask? Raw grass-fed milk and coconut milk are my favs! If you can’t find raw milk, fret not, use organic milk, preferably grass-fed. Sign-up for our blog updates (top right) and be on the lookout for a future post on why most milk is horrible for you.

Brands you can find at your local grocery stores are: Mill King, Kaluna, and Organic Valley GRASSMILK. There are others, so it’s up to you to find a good brand!


4.) Plan your pan and get rid of the “pan.” Huh? “Pan” is the Spanish word for “bread.” Most of the poor quality breakfast foods we consume are bread based. Donuts, muffins, scones, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches. Avoid these hormone and blood sugar saboteurs. You will NOT achieve your fat loss results if you regularly consume these types of foods, unless you are baking them yourself with rice, coconut, tapioca, and/or potato flours.  

Plan out your morning with a quick mental action plan and whip out your cooking pan to whip up some potatoes and carrots, next your eggs with coconut oil, grab a mango and BOOM!

“Plan your pan” means prepare and plan your breakfast week. It tends to be one of the meals you either don’t eat or end up making an impulse decision to consume something that doesn’t serve your body and your fat loss goals.

youd be happy too


Avoid breads, pastries, and breakfast cereals.

Start eating organic eggs, good quality meats, gluten-free breads are OK, and fruits and vegetables (organic when possible).

Try your best to include a protein, fruit, vegetable, saturated fat, and a gluten-free starch/grain with your breakfast!

The Point: Keeping your breakfast choices simple and good quality balances your blood sugar, regulates your hormones, and recovers your body from your workout.

Eating simple and smart will rev up your metabolic rate, thus helping you burn MORE calories while you are at work and /or resting. Go ahead take a look at your donut eating co-worker and think to yourself “I’m burning about 35 more calories per hour than you.” AND in 4 days that will be one pound of fat! Yippie!

I’m kidding about the co-worker thing, as you shouldn’t judge others eating choices, rather you can share your new found way of eating (if she asks) and the awesome cycle of health and happiness goes round.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions on how to make YOUR breakfast healthier and more enjoyable.


  1. JoAnn says

    I don’t eat eggs. What would be some proteins I could have for breakfast. My usual breakfast is 1/2 cup of oats with cinnamon and raisins. 12 grain bread (I’m trying to get it out of my diet)with almond butter. Any suggestions?


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