28 Reasons to Workout Today

fwfl_blog_28 reasons to workout today

1.)    Because you’ll feel better.

2.)    Because Exercise IS the ultimate anti-depressant.

3.)    Because you LOVE your body, you don’t hate it.

4.)    Because you ARE a Fit Woman For Life.

5.)    Because if you don’t, you’ll probably regret it.

6.)    Because you’re 100% more likely to eat real food if you do.

7.)    Because movement is life and life GIVES more life.

8.)    Because it’s the ONLY workout you need to do today.

9.)    Because lifting weights boosts your confidence

10.) And your metabolism

11.)  You’ll sleep more soundly and wake up rested.

12.) It’s sometimes, always, never FUN.

13.) Because you’re always happy when you’re done and happier when you workout.

14.)  Because there’s a woman with no limbs WISHING she could.

15.)  Because your LEGS, that’s why.squat

16.) Because you are committed to improving your quality of life.

17.) To sweat.

18.) Because if you don’t you’re promoting and developing unhealthy habits.

19.) Because NOT workout out is like saying “sorry” to your body.

20.) That’s WHAT you do…

21.) Because “WHO run da world?”

22.) Because your warm-up is most woman’s workout.

23.)  Because today you will SUCK IT UP, so tomorrow you want have to SUCK IT IN!

24.) Because you are a smart, intelligent, and sassy woman!

25.) Because you are destined for something special.

26.) Because being sore tomorrow is way better than being sorry today.

27.) You’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your performance.

28.) Because you know that staying consistent is the KEY to weight loss and health creation.

29.) You. You are the best reason. You stay healthy for yourself to be strong, present, confident, and sexy for your husband, family, boyfriend, girlfriends, etc…


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