12 Foods You Should ALWAYS Buy Organic

12 Foods You Should ALWAYS Buy Organic

Organic food is not just a trend, if you think about it, “organic food” 100 years ago was referred to as “food.” That is crazy to me that we now have to label it to tell the difference between conventional foods.

Organic Food vs. Conventional Food

  • Organic food gives energy, it doesn’t take it away.
  • Organic food supports a healthy immune system, it doesn’t suppress it.
  • Organic food aids in relieving Oxidative Stress, it doesn’t enhance the production of free radicals.
  • Organic food is the food God intended to be thriving in our universe, not be genetically modified.
  • Organic food is from Mother Nature, you love your Mother, don’t you?

Here is a list of 12 foods you should try very hard to always buy organic. The following foods have been shown to have up to 52 different pesticide residues on them, even after washing.

I call this list the Dirty Dozen:

1.)    Celery

2.)    Peaches

3.)    Strawberries

4.)    Apples

5.)    Blueberries

6.)    Nectarines

7.)    Bell Peppers

8.)    Spinach

9.)    Kale

10.) Cherries

11.) Potatoes

12.) Grapes

You can probably tell why these foods could have insane amounts of pesticides. They are above ground, leafy, and defenseless.

Pesticides are toxic, endocrine disrupting, free radical producing, liver destroying, party-crashing, nasty little boogers and should be AVOIDED at all costs.

We have to fight off enough nastiness as it is, without having to deal with Poisonous Pesticides!

If you don’t buy the above organic ALL the time, which I’m guilty of every now and again, make sure to wash em well with vinegar and water.

The pesticide police,


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