10 Ways to Make Healthy Fat Loss INEVITABLE (Part 1)

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We live in a society that believes disease, obesity, and “getting old” is INEVITABLE. While aging IS inevitable, living a life nothing short of epic and awesome has nothing to do with your age.

Un-serving statements such as: “well it doesn’t matter what you eat, we are all going to die”

“it doesn’t matter if we exercise, once we age it’s too hard to maintain a good body, so why bother”

And others that don’t promote health and happiness are prevalent in our society.

You know what kinds of statements I’m referring to, you’ve either experienced them with a loved one or you’ve expressed them yourself.

NOW is the time for “A NEW Inevitable Life”nowisthetime

A body that IS inevitably going to be sexy for life.

I mindset that is going to be strong and confident.

A way of eating that is sustainable and inevitably going to keep you healthy.

Strategies for healthy fat loss, that, when implemented and sustained, will inevitably give you like-long results.

Over 3 parts and 30 “ways” I am going to show you, guide you, and coach you to the inevitable future of healthiness, sexiness, sassiness, and greatness that you deserve to achieve.

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10 Ways to Make Healthy Fat Loss Inevitable

1.) Fruit

If you think that fruit is going to make you fat, then you are going to get fat. And if you are currently skinny and attribute your small size to not eating fruit, then you are fat/skinny person. Fruit is one of the most amazing foods on the planet, some fruit is better than other, in regards to how it affects it.

Always consume ripe fruits, such as mango, nectarines, mangoes, and kiwi. Try and eat fruit with a high quality protein like raw/grass-fed cheese, organic eggs, or shellfish.

Always, always, always eat fruit, mostly ripe, and be messy. 


2.) Weights

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding weights is that you are going to “get bulky” by lifting weights! Letfriendsliftlightweights me be the 5th person to tell you, you will never, unless you decide to supplement with steroids get bulky. Now, there are a few ways you could get bulky without steroids, but you would have to start doing crossfit and bodybuilding style workouts, and who wants to do that.

Your 5 pound weights aren’t cutting it with MOST exercises. Grad the 10s, the 12s, and the 15s and DO WORK. When lifting weights always be sure to keep proper form, but let that be an excuse for going slow and barely doing any reps (you know you are).


3.) Saturated Fat

Eat more it. Eat more of it. Eat more saturated fat. Okay, next! Haha, just kidding. I won’t leave you hanging.

The only thing more demonized in this country (other than Politicians) is sugar. Saturated fat in the form of coconut oil and products from grass-fed/finished cows that are hormone/antibiotic and stress free (beef, butter, and cheese) will change your life and your body for the better. As a nation we eat way less saturated fat than we used to, yet more people are sicker and fatter than every before!

Saturated fat (and cholesterol) is the precursor to all major hormones and healing mechanisms our body has, yet doctors and “experts” tell you to stay away from them. Why? It’s pretty simple to see. Make you sicker, make you better vicious cycle…

4.) Squats

One of the most natural, primal movements you can perform in the gym full of pulleys, machines, and benches. Seriously, when in life, functionally would you be pulling on cables and pushing up against isolated heavy things? Never!


Squats, ohh do I love me a good squat or 200. All kinds of squats, plié squats, split stance squats, squat jumps, the list goes on and on. You work big muscles you get big fat loss!

Always keep your weight through your heels, your hips back, and your back straight focusing on your shoulder blades, which should be down and back.



5.) Carrots

A carrot a day keeps the doctor away should replace the apple. Carrots come from the ground, in the ground there are billions of microrganisms, so Mr. Carrot produces all these defense chemicals to ward off the microorganisms from eating them up. Guess what, these same defense chemicals work in our bodies, removing and destroying toxins that build up, endotoxin in particular.

Carrots are so awesome, ideally, you should eat them in between meals. Their fibrous tissues will literally prevent absorption of other nutrients and minerals. But if you can’t eat them between meals, don’t let that stop you from eating one.

It is comes from the ground, your belly won’t be round!

Carrot Tip: Avoid baby carrots, many are rinsed in chlorine baths and are inferior to organic carrots which are crazy cheap at farmer’s markets and grocery stores; cut them up if you want babyish carrots.


6.) Cardio

Do less cardio. Do less cardio in the form of long distance running and long bouts of elliptical, etc…As humans our fight or flight systems were meant to perform short bursts of intense movement. Yes, our bodies are able to perform long bouts of cardio through proper training, but that doesn’t mean it’s right and works.

Excess cardio leads to excess cortisol, adrenaline, estrogen, and other stress hormones. If you are not eating perfectly and are completely psychologically stress-free (and who is) it is nearly impossible to recover adequately from long distance running. It takes an irreversible toll on the body.

Stick to metabolic/interval resistance training.

7.) Vegetable Oils

For the love of all that is love (everything) don’t eat unsaturated vegetable oils, at the very least limit the consumption of these oils to eating out, since you really can’t avoid them at all if you eat out at all, unfortunately…

Since the 1960s the consumption of unsaturated vegetable oils, like canola, soybean, flaxseed, etc…has increased dramatically. Coincidentally, obesity, diabetes, and all disease as increased along with it. Coincidence, I think not.

Seriously, if you do one thing for your health, eliminate vegetable oils from your diet. Your metabolism and your waistline will thank you.

8.) Multi-dimensional Movement

One of the first things you learn when studying biomechanics are the different planes of movement, 3 main ones, then a bunch of other cool stuff in between. The body and its ability to move in different planes of motions is quite amazing and you should never inhibit its processes. If you don’t move it you will lose it, and if you don’t lose it you will hurt it.

Avoid training in isolation, like ALL machines at the gym. Generally, using free weights (dumbbells, barbells, balls, etc…) will promote multi-level movement.

9.) Food Quality

If you take one thing away from this article, let it be that food quality always trumps food quantity. If today you started focusing on upgrading the quality of your food your body would begin to change dramatically. The crappier the food you eat, the harder your body has to work to detoxify and digest desperately searching for nutrients and minerals.

Eat better quality food and your body can focus on burning your fat instead of surviving.

10.)  Your diet and YOU

Aside from changing your food quality and making other changes, the biggest takeaway from all this is you are unique and you must find what works for you. Focusing on uni-dimensional diets and programs is a recipe for disaster, boredom, and yo-yo weight loss/gain. The best way to diet, is to NOT-diet and not be a cult follower of any ONE diet.

There is way too much obsession in the world of diets and workouts. Be dynamic and easy-going, but always be aware of your choices and actions. If you knowlingly make a poor decision, do it, accept, move on and then make a better one next time.


Live your life optimally and have fun living and loving it!

Focus on ONE of these 10 at a time for a better chance of maintaining your positive lifestyle changes.

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Talk to you soon!

–          Nick


    • Nick Garcia says

      Carrots are ideally eaten raw. I like to make a shredded carrot salad with apple cider vinegar, cucumbers, and salt/pepper.

      BUT, I also enjoy sauteed carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes. So, anyway you can eat them is great!


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