10 Slim-Down and Get Healthy Tips

fwfl_blog_10 slim down and get healthy tips

This post is going to be quick, to the point, and I guarantee if you implement each of these tips ANY time of the year your body will thank you!

1.)    Eat your carbs with protein and fat. The best carbs to eat are vegetables, fruits, honey, potatoes, and gluten-free grains.

2.)    Stop doing long bouts of cardio. Step off the treadmill and hit the free weights.

3.)     Eat tropical fruits before your workouts for a boost of energy. A small amount of sugar from the fruit will give you the boost you need to power through a workout that you would slacked on if you hadn’t eaten anything.

4.)     Find a friend, spouse, or random stranger to be your accountability partner. This small change is HUGE to your fat loss results. It’s hard doing things on your own with no accountability or motivation.  Make it easy!

5.)    Switch your cooking oils from unsaturated unstable vegetable oils to the almighty and powerful Coconut Oil. Most oils breakdown with heat and cause inflammation in the body, FAT loves an inflamed body.

6.)    Pick up your workout intensity and tempo! Do it slowly, safely, and strategically. Intensity will achieve more results in a shorter amount of time.

7.)    Dig into your closet and pull out an old piece of clothing that is 2 or 3 sizes to small and hang it up on your door. Make sure it was/is your nicest, sexiest skirt or jeans that make your legs look oh so HOT! Motivation equals FAT domination.

8.)    Clean out your pantry and kitchen! You’d be amazed at how many junk foods you accumulate in any given month!

9.)    Look at your current diet and figure out which two foods are your biggest inhibitors to your fat loss. Late night ice cream, morning bagels, or Frappuccino are some examples. Choose two substitutes for those two “bad” foods and make a commitment to eliminating them from your diet for ONE month. Check your progress and fine-tune!

10.) Stop eating breads, gluten-containing grains, pastries, donuts, pastas, etc…choose rice based foods, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and fruits as your go-to carbs!

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