10 Rules for Starting an Exercise Program

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Are you ready? I think you are ready! I am going to destroy your excuses, bust through your insecurities, and provide the truth about the lie that says exercise is boring, painful, and too hard.

I want to help you get out of your head and develop a strong mindset that doesn’t need to “get or find motivation” so you can get down to the business of creating a healthy fit body.

Ironically, some exercise programs scare people to the point of inactivity. Aren’t you supposed to start an exercise program to “get in shape” not be scared away for another year?

Even the most in shape, “motivated” women have days where they dread exercise and/or “don’t feel like working out today.” Do you think you will be any different?

You won’t.

Your first workout, won’t be fun, but you’ll power through it because you are committed and something motivated you enough to join a boot camp or buy a DVD, or hire a personal trainer.

Your second workout might be even harder, because you know what to expect and your body is hurting, but your still thinking about that thing that motivated you.

Your third workout, if you go, will be hard, but you are starting to feel muscles you may have never felt before and you WANT so bad to enjoy your workout and keep going.

By your fourth, fifth, and sixth workout  your performance starts improving and you are on your way.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, or our body…

Today is still day ONE. Today is the day to start, just like that really, super fit woman you wonder how she got such an amazing body, she had a day ONE.

Everyone has a day one, some of us multiple day ones, when we CHOOSE albeit from unforeseeable lifestyle events to take way too much time away from exercise and get a vicious cycle of a bunch of “it feels like my first day all over agains.”

Not you, not anymore. You are going to make fitness a lifestyle…

And the best way to do that is with a few simple, dynamic fine-tunable rules. Ten, give or take…

1.)    Give yourself credit before you do anything! The simple thought to transform your life is cause for celebration. We tend to start many of our journeys on sour notes and stress, not you, not today. You have and took the opportunity to MOVE and exercise. Celebrate.

2.)    Get yourself in a physiological state that promotes a positive physical state. How? Fuel yourself up with fruit, coconut water, water, good quality protein, vegetables, etc…A fueled body is a body ready for movement and exercise.

3.)    Don’t think yourself into a stiff-wreck. If you are judging yourself, how can you expect others not to judge you.  Accept where you are, love yourself where you are, and MOVE forward with action. That’s what you decide TODAY and tomorrow and the next day. If someone judges you, and they well, don’t take it personally, their ideas of you are none of your business. Your business is your health and body.

4.)    Get over your comfort zone. Some exercises are weird, so be ready feel strange muscles, question some positions (yoga?), and be uncomfortable. You’ll be in some pain and that’s not comfortable, but you KNOW it’s necessary pain, not excessive, necessary. Our comfort zones are safe, but success happens at the end of your comfort zone and success is the only option.

5.)    Go at your own pace, but challenge your pace often. Having a coach or trainer is awesome to keep you working hard throughout a workout, BUT they might not know YOUR hard yet. You know your hard and you know that you can go harder. Don’t overdo it during the first workout or week, but understand and experience what it feels to challenge yourself! It feels awesome.

6.)    It’s OK if you get nauseous or dizzy or upset. It’s part of the process. It’s your first day, chill out. On the other hand, it’s NOT OK to get nauseous after EVERY single workout. In some workout cultures, vomiting is considered a normal or effective part of your workout. Understand, that even the most in shape people will have some poor days and/or workouts where they don’t feel right. Listen to your body.

7.)    Be enthusiastic, as it covers many deficiencies (you’ll need this your first day) and feed off of other’s enthusiasms (you’ll need this on your first day). Even if you are nervous and/or scared, you should try your hardest to be enthusiastic. After all, you are taking actions that are going to make you healthier and happier. If you aren’t surrounded by people that are encouraging and enthusiastic, find different workout partners.

8.)    GO. No matter what go to your workout, even if you are only able to do 5 minutes, stay there and watch other women work out or just chat with your trainer/coach. Hopefully, they’ll tell you that it’s OK to feel #6 and to be happy that you came, tried, and are STILL committed. Go to your next workout. SHOW UP no matter what. Your excuses are no good anymore, if you have a legitimate “my kid got in a fight at school” excuse then you better be ready to re-plan and organize the rest of your day to include some type of movement. You can’t win if you don’t show up.

9.)    Once you’ve completed your first workout, don’t start thinking about your next workout. Do #10, find a way to relax, do the reverse of #2 (re-fuel your body with good quality food), and THEN pretend EVERY workout from here on out is JUST like your first workout. Expect every workout will be better, you’ll be fitter, and your performance will most likely increase if and when you stay consistent.

10.) Celebrate! After every workout. Yes, some people might find that strange, because after all “it’s just a workout, but you KNOW how hard it was to get here, fight the negative self-talk, internal judgments, fears, and doubts. So, don’t care what people think about your life of celebrating the little wins and workouts. You brought it today, you sweat it out, you don’t look at the end of your workout, and you are PROUD of it.

Most of the “rules” presented here involve strengthening your mindset and transforming your attitude around fitness and exercise.

If you are new to exercising, new to certain type of workouts, and/or just trying to reestablish your “inner fit woman” explore these rules, make your own, and strengthen your mindset!


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